Vibrex Mini

Our low cost water treatment solution has been developed to facilitate safe and effective Chlorine Dioxide treatment for continuous systems. 

Chlorine Dioxide is a highly effective biocide that when generated and introduced into water properly, will achieve excellent reduction of bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa and biofilms residing within the pipework and tanks. This will ensure consistency in treated water regardless of the organic content, pH and turbidity unlike most other disinfectants. Often generation of Chlorine Dioxide can be a costly process however through the implementation of a safe mixing and delivery method the technology is now substantially more accessible.

We supply the Vibrex Mini with Non-Dangerous Good precursor chemicals reducing transport restrictions and allowing for safe handling of chemicals.

The system works on the principle of flow-paced dosing incorporating a chemical resistant dosing pump fitted with resistant wetted parts pumping from a pre-mixed 200L drum with an Activated Carbon Filter. It can be installed anywhere in the watering system where it is appropriate to treat the water, provided there is adequate space and access for the pump/drum.

The following components are included in the Vibrex Mini package:

  • DN40 Magdomat Dosing Pump (Rated to 8 bar)

  • Graduated 200L drum with an Activated Carbon Filter

  • 1 x 20L Drum M12 Activator, 1 x 20L Drum Vibrex Horticare

  • Safety Manual & Quick User Guide

The system is very simple in design and operation, essentially a plug-and-play system allowing continuous treatment of water with minimal monitoring. 

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