Smoke Flavourings

Smoke products suited for a variety of applications available in liquid, powder and oil varieties

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Commercial Smokes

Smoke products designated for commercial applications. Including a range of liquids and powders to cater for varying industries and desired flavour and colour development.


Gourmet Smokes

Smoke products designed for restaurant use and/or domestic use. Flexible in application offering varying colour and flavour profiles suited to a range of uses.

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Golden Roast

Designed to add a rich roasted appearance for poultry, meats and pastry items. Grayson's browning agent has been specially formulated to give a natural brown appearance to the surface under heat application.

Suited to commercial use.


Zesti Grill Oil

Vegan Friendly

Our smoke based grill oil is designed to provide a subtle smoke flavour without colour formation. It is excellent for BBQ's and grilling while providing consistent flavour control.

It is available in both commercial and retail varieties.