Regen Range

Providing excellent results in growth regulation, seed germination and as a pesticide. Our Regen products are formed from the pyrolysis of hardwood timber resulting in smokes and pyroligneous acid with many beneficial effects for plants.

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A simple to apply soil conditioner containing high organic matter fostering healthy roots and better crop yields. Through applying Biochar you’re able to increase moisture retention thus reducing your irrigation requirements. It will also enable a longer period of nutrient retention decreasing the runoff during rainfall.



A natural smoke based extract product promoting soil activity and nutrient availability, effectively reducing pH while encouraging growth and stimulation of plants.



A naturally derived wood product known as pyroligneous acid that has been infused with high quality hardwood smoke providing a range of benefits in soil treatment and growth yields. 

Suitable for both irrigation systems into hydroponic hot houses and automatic irrigation systems.


Smoke Germination

Smoke is renowned for its many beneficial properties but primarily for its germination benefits. We offer products in both liquid and granulated varieties allowing for versatile applications suited to your needs.