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Our Regen Biochar is produced from 100% recycled hardwood timber using only selected species to undergo our patented high temperature pyrolysis method. This creates a remarkably porous form of carbon that doesn't significantly degrade over time like many other Biochar sources.

Used as a simple to apply soil conditioner containing high organic matter fostering healthy roots and better crop yields. Through applying Biochar you’re able to increase moisture retention thus reducing your irrigation requirements. It will also enable a longer period of nutrient retention decreasing the runoff during rainfall.



Potting Mix: Can be added to your potting medium at a rate of 10-15% by volume. 

Compost Blend: Add 20% or approximately 50 grams of Biochar to your compost mix allowing the char to absorb the nutrients and moisture of the compost.

Existing Plants: Can be applied as a top dressing to your soil - adding 100 grams per square metre, mulch and water in. 

Regen 2000 Biochar (20L Bag)

  • Pack Size: 20 Litres (Approx. Weight. 10kg)


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