Gourmet Smokes

Restaurant & Domestic Use

Firetree Liquid Smokes

Produced from Selected Hardwood Timber Firetree Liquid Smoke is designed to enhance the flavour, colour and texture of meat, poulty, seafood and bacon.

Firetree smokes are suitable for small scale outlets down to home style smokers. 

We source smoke powders in a variety of flavours including Hickory, Mesquite, Sugar Gum and Wattle among other. 

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Firetree Smoke Powders

Options for applications are endless with Smoke powders ranging from spice mixes to pizza dough our Smoke powder will impart a smokey flavour derived from hardwood timber.

We have powders reflecting Applewood Timber, Beech, Hickory and Mesquite among others. 

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Firetree Wood Pellets

Naturally smoke products yourself with completely organic wood pellets sourced from quality timber mills. They will provide cosy effective colour development on your product while producing consistency in flavour/

We have various strengths and flavour profiles depending on your application.

We currently have pellets available in:

- Melaleuca Gold

- Golden Beech

- Native Hickory

- Red Oak

Please Contact Us if you're after a certain blend.